Artist Space Information

Artist Spaces are a chance for Artists to sell their products to the thousands of attendees at Mini-Mini Con. Please read our FAQ below in full detail.

Purchase Link – Goes On Sale Sunday Feburary 10th at 6:00PM Central.

Mini-Mini Con 2019 Artist Spaces FAQ

When does Artist Spaces go on sale at Mini-Mini Con 2019?They will be available starting on February 10th, 2019 at 6:00 PM Central. The link above this FAQ and there will be reminders on social posts and on our event page. They are only available to purchase online. They are not available at all at NineTails.
How much are they? What is included?You will be assigned a space and authorized to sell at Mini-Mini Con 2019 with nothing else. Artist Spaces will be at 3 Tier Pricing:

  • Low-Traffic Areas: $50.00* (15 Spaces)

  • Regular Traffic Areas: $100.00* (77 Spaces)

  • Double Space High Traffic Area: $200.00* (8 Spaces)

  • *Additional Fees are not included.

Does it include tables and chairs?Tables and chairs are not included. Artists must bring in their own.
What else is required to purchase an Artist Space?You must have a valid Texas Sales Tax ID Number for the signup. It must be active too as of February 10th, 2019. We will be verifying all Texas Sales Tax IDs with the Texas Comptroller. If it is not valid then you will be refunded and unable to purchase a table for our 2019 and 2020 event. If you have questions about the Sales Tax please contact the Texas Comptroller Office.
How much space am I given?You will given exactly 6' length and 4' width (24 square feet) for a single assigned space. It will be taped off. You must sell within the assigned space. A double space will be 12' x 4' (48 square feet).
Can I purchase additional spaces under my name? Can I request to be assigned next to someone?You will be only allowed to purchase one Artist Space total. If you purchase a second space under your name, even if it is for a second group/friend, then you will be refunded for all purchased spaces and banned from ALL Mini-Mini Con Events and San Japan.

We will not be taking requests to be assigned next to another artist space or to a specific location. All assigned artist spaces are final. You will not be allowed to merge Artist Spaces.
I bought an Artist Space for Mini-Mini Con but now I can't make it. What can I do?There are no refunds offered. You may transfer the artist space and sell it in private. The original purchaser will have their name assigned to the space.
Where are Artist Spaces located? Where is my assignment? Can I see a layout?They will be assigned around the Wonderland of Americas Mall within the public hallway space. Finalized layouts and assignments will be posted on May 1st, 2019. There will not be any spaces placed in the vendor room or a separate room. They will be placed in public areas.
Do I check in for my Artist Space?You do not have to check-in with Mini-Mini Con staff for your Artist Space. Your space will be taped out and a sheet will be placed within it with your designed assigned space. We will stop by when the convention starts to confirm your space, drop off badges and spot-check on your Sales Tax ID.
When can we setup for Mini-Mini Con? When do we tear down?You may begin setting up at 8:00 AM on Saturday May 4th, 2019. You may teardown when you'd like. The event ends at 7:00 PM on that day. We will not assist on setup.
Do you provide security?Mini-Mini Con does not provide security. There will be mall security on-hand if you run into an issue.
What can I sell at Mini-Mini Con?All items in Artist Spaces must be crafts or artwork. You can not sell retail items at your artist spaces.
Am I allowed to split an artist space?Yes you can but remember that you're all confined to sell within the assigned space.
Can I put an extra table outside of my Artist Space?All tables, inventory and chairs must be within your assigned space. If you encroach on other spaces by trying to take a few extra inches we will be allowed to shut you down.
Can I buy an Artist Space at NineTails?Artist Spaces are only available online through this website. You can not buy them at the store. Once they are sold out then that will be it. There will not be any concessions.
Where are the High Traffic tables located?The tables will be located in or nearby the front of the dealer room entrance which was formally occupied by Anna's Linens.
Where are Regular Traffic spaces located then?Regular Traffic spaces is all other spaces around the mall, upstairs and downstairs where Mini-Mini con is taking place that's not in front of the dealer entrance. It is spread throughout the mall where a majority of attendees will be walking around.
Do you have a Wait List after all Artist Spaces are sold?No. Once they're sold out that's it.
Do you offer any carts to bring in our stuff? Do you provide any volunteer assistance for load-in/load-out?The answer is no on both questions. Artists are responsible to haul in their setup using their own carts.