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  • Prior to contacting us please view the additional general information page posted which lists all of the information about Cosplay Attire and Prop Rules, Artist Spaces, Cosplay Show, Promotions Section and Panelists. There is no Artist Wait List (before or after spaces are sold) and there is no notification e-mail list for Artists on the availability of Artist Spaces. You will need to check periodically for updates on when they’ll be available.

    If you have questions about Texas Sales Tax and Sales Tax ID Number please contact the Texas Comptrollers Office. We can not answer questions as we are not an Official Government Office

    We have filled our slots for guests for our 2018 convention. We are not searching for additional guests. We are not accepting or looking for dance performances on the main stage or during the Cosplay Show.

    We are taking inquiries for 2018 vendor booths. It is heavily suggested to read the info in the form as we are primarily an anime event with attendees anticipating anime products, not Funko or General Pop Culture items. Artists and Crafters will not be offered a space in our vendor area as they will only be allowed to sell in the artist space areas.

    All Artists Spaces for our 2018 convention have been sold. We are not releasing any additional spaces. All spaces sold within 3 days.

    This is a free event that does not require tickets to attend.

    We will be posting the lists of which vendors and artists will be at Mini-Mini Con by May 1st.
  • Seriously, please read the above text and the corresponding links. Over 90% of the questions that we receive are already answered on the website.
  • Please give a one line description on what this is about.
  • If you are contacting us about tickets to Mini-Mini Con let us post a reminder that tickets are not required at all to attend. Mini-Mini Con has no affiliation to any other event that takes place at Wonderland of the Americas Mall.
  • This is is only necessary if you feel it’ll help in your inquiry.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, zip, psd, ai, rar.
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