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  • Extremely Frequently Asked Questions

    Before filling out that form let us answer some frequently asked questions sent through the contact form.
    Convention InformationPrior to contacting us please view the General Information Page which lists all of the information about:

    • Cosplay Attire and Prop Rules
    • Cosplay Show
    • Panelist Information
    • Gaming / Tournament Information
    • Community / Indie Games
    • Swap Meet
    Artist Space / Artist Alley

    • Artist Spaces will go on sale starting on February 8th, 2020 at 6:00PM Central.
    • You will need an Active Sales Tax ID active as of February 1st, 2020 with the State of Texas and Wonderland of America added as a location. There are absolutely, positively, no exceptions around this. If you sign up without a Texas Sales Tax ID and don't add the location then you will be immediately refunded and locked out from Mini-Mini Con. We only need to have the Sales Tax ID Number. We can not answer questions about sales tax/webfile as we are not an Official Texas Government Office. In 2020 we are required by the city of Balones Heights to hand over all Sales Tax information of all artists so they can verify too.
    • When all Artist Spaces have been sold we need to stress this multiple times:

      -There Is No Wait List.
      -There Is No Wait List.
      -There Is No Wait List.
    • We do not ever have any 'last minute' spaces for artists or vendor booths for our 2020 show at all.

      Artist Spaces will sell out in hours on the day it is released.

    • We highly, and greatly implore, that it is recommend reading the Artist Space Page first as it has a very detailed FAQ and pricing. This includes information about space transfer.
    Guest Inquiries

    We are taking inquiries by a very limited number of guests. Please be aware that we are a FREE convention with a very limited budget. If you are requiring a large appearance fee, flights and a per diem we are not the right convention to contact.

    Do not send guest emails to this contact form AND San Japan guest form as it goes to the same person. We will delete both emails and block from making further contact with us.

    Potential Vendor / DealersPlease fill out the waitlist form at the Vendor Application page. We do not take inquiries through our general contact form. Our pricing for booths and what will be accepted is on that page.

    We do not have a timeframe on when vendor applications and invoices will be sent out for those who signed up on the waitlist. We are at the mercy of the mall to confirm the vendor room location in 2020.

    Panelist and Performances

    The Panelist and Performer Forms are now open.

    Accepted Panelists will receive a 50% code to San Japan 2020 Convention (Code Valid for TWO people only). Performance Submissions must be in by March 5th. Panel Submissions must be in by April 5th. There is no cost to submit a panel.

    We will contact about Performers acceptance/rejection by April 5th and panelists by April 20th.

    Berating us and contacting us through multiple ways if you've been accepted before APRIL 20th will have a severe impact on being selected in 2020 and beyond. We send out all rejections on April 20th, too.

    We greatly, greatly implore, to wait to hear from us before contacting us.

    ALL Dance/Performance/Cover Groups fall under PERFORMERS and must apply between Feb. 5th to March 5th. Do not contact us for asking for GUEST status.

    Charity, Fan Convention and Indie Gaming

    Applications will open on February 5th and close on April 5th.

    We will not accept any last minute applications.

    Due to constant last minute requests that happens every year if you ask after April 5th you will be declined. Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute To Ask.

    Tickets / Parking / LocationThis is a free event that does not require tickets to attend. Parking is free at the venue location and the surrounding area.

    This takes place at Wonderland of The Americas. It is located at 4522 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201. Click for the Google Maps Link to it.
    It takes place on May 2nd, 2020 from 12 PM to 7 PM.
    Is [BLANK] Prop Allowed?We can not make that call at all. People are aware that realistic props are not allowed at the venue nor are anything metal. Even if the gun is covered in orange tips and made of cardboard/foam, the ones who make that call are mall security and Balcones Heights cops. If it has to go, it goes, or you will be evicted from the mall. In 2020 they will be far stricter and can deem any prop, even if it is not realistic, as a weapon and require that it is removed.

    If you are asked to have the prop removed by security or police they make that call and can evict you from the mall.

    We can not approve if anything is approved. We do not have a prop check station at the convention.
    Schedule / Maps / Tournaments / Assignments / Load-In InformationAll of this information will be posted on the Mini-Mini Con Website on April 28th, 2020 by 11:59PM. They will not be released earlier if you send in an inquiry.

    The 2020 Schedules, Artist Space Assignments, Vendor Assignments and Maps will all be sent out on APRIL 28TH, 2020.

    If you are looking for load-in information they will be sent out by APRIL 28TH, 2020.

    Let us announce this once again. APRIL 28TH, 2020,fFor Convention Schedule, Maps and Load-In Information. Please Hold Up Until Then Before Inquiring.

    I am a company or agent who wants to contact Mini-Mini Con on services.Let us stress this again.

    We are a free fan convention with a minuscule overall budget.

  • We bring in our own AV, we don't contract with anyone.
  • We do not have the money to work with agents at this show.
  • We do not need any management software.

  • If you still want to pitch we require a price sheet. If you contact us with a sales pitch without any pricing information your email will be discarded.

    We'll gladly talk if you're a sponsor who wants front row access to advertise to the thousands of people that attend. Our 2019 attendance was over 6000.
  • If your question is from the above FAQ we will remind you that it was posted above so be sure to fully read over it. It answers over 95% of the questions that we receive every year.
  • Please give a one line description on what this is about.
  • If you are contacting us about tickets to Mini-Mini Con, please remember that tickets are not required at all to attend. Mini-Mini Con has no affiliation to any other event that takes place at Wonderland of the Americas Mall.
  • This is is only necessary if you feel it'll help in your inquiry.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, zip, psd, ai, rar.