Victim Cache Music Guest

Victim Cache

Formed in 2010, Victim Cache blends acoustic Americana with chiptunes – music made with retro video game hardware, such as the sound chip from Nintendo Entertainment System. Since 2012, Victim Cache has delighted audiences in Austin and San Antonio though our live show’s costumes, role playing, and in the Americana tradition, humorous storytelling about the journeys of archetypal video game characters described in the songs. True to our video-game hardware roots, the band’s name, victim cache, is a type of cache in a computer that stores data evicted from a normal CPU cache upon replacement. We decided to use a computer term because the founding members of the band, John Quarles and Tim Soderstrom originally met in college while studying computer science. It is worth noting that Dr. Norman Jouppi – the inventor of the victim cache – gave our first album a positive review.


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