General Information

Cosplay and Mall Rules

To ensure a fun and safe Mini-Mini Con for everybody, please follow the Cosplay and Mall rules below:

  • Running or horseplay is not allowed on mall property.
  • Appropriate attire is required, including shoes and shirts (ALL GENDERS are required to wear a shirt). Attire must be G or PG rated.
  • Loud, boisterous, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on the property.
  • Obscene or offensive behavior are prohibited.
  • Offensive cosplays will be asked to change or they will be escorted from the location.
  • Realistic Weapon Props including realistic looking guns and knives are prohibited. Realistic Props includes metal swords. Swords in sheaths or are bonded are not allowed. This weapons rule applies within and mall surroundings.
  • Wonderland of the Americas Mall management can ask any attendee to leave the premises if the attire is considered overly risque.

Cosplay Show

The following below are the Cosplay Show rules:

  • We will not allow store-bought / online-purchased costumes. No street clothes.
  • Cosplay must be at least 50% original material.
  • No “sandbagging” in which a cosplay has won any kind of top award at another larger convention including San Japan.
  • Participants must have good sportsmanship while competing prior to the start and during the Cosplay Show. Disparaging comments to other participants may invalidate their own entry.

We will enforce the rules by doing a costume check upon signing up. Prizes will be gift certificates and small prizes.

Sign-Ups will take place at the convention. We do not offer online sign-ups. Cosplay signups will be in the Dealer Area, 2nd floor, at Anna’s Linens. Sign-up times will be announced by May 1st, 2019 on here.

This Cosplay Competition is a Walk-On style competion only. There will not be any Performance/Skit/Dance section.

Fan Panelist

If you’d like to share your passion or run an interactive event we will accepting panelists at Mini-Mini Con. We will have a projector, screen, 3.5/AUX input and cables for HDMI and VGA inputs.

Submissions Are Now Open. Click Here.

Performance submissions close on March 5th, 2019. Panelist Submissions end on April 5th, 2019. Approved panelists will receive a code for 50% off San Japan 2019 badges (Limit 1 Code. 1 Code will be good a discount applicable to two people only).


We will have multiple types of gaming throughout the convention. This includes card games, board games, video game freeplay, music games and casual tournaments.

Tournaments will be listed by May 1st, 2019. Tournament signup will be at the convention. We can not state which games will be in the tournaments until May 1st.


If you a fan organization or community outreach group we now have applications open for groups to promote at Mini-Mini Con.

Now Accepting Applications. Click Here.

We will be accepting up until April 15th for groups to promote their fandom or services at Mini-Mini Con. Here’s a great way for a free outreach to our attendees.

Indie Gaming

If you have an indie game to show to attendees we’re offering a chance for indie studio/developers to show their games. Electricity will be free.

Now Accepting Applications. Click Here.

We will be accepting indie gaming applications up until April 15th. Have potentially up to thousands of people check out the games that you’re working on.

Smash Bros $1000 Tournament

Mini-Mini Con 2019, in cooperation with Critical Hit Arcade, will be hosting a $1000 Guarantee Winner Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament on Saturday, May 4th. The tournament will start at 12:00PM.

There will be an entry fee of $10 for this tournament and no additional venue fee.

The top 8 finalists will be playing on our Main Stage so everyone can watch.

You don’t want to miss this. Rules will be posted at the convention.

Gunpla Contest

Mini-Mini Con 2019 is the host of the San Japan Gunpla Grand Prix Builders Cup 2019. Bring in your Gundam Gunpla to be judged and shown to the public. Winners receive prizes imported in from Japan. A free badge to will be issued for the Advanced Winner.

Click Here For More Information