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Mall Rules, Cosplay Show, Artist Spaces, Panel Info

Mall Rules

Mall RulesTo ensure a fun and safe Mini-Mini Con for everybody, please follow the rules below:
  • Running or horseplay is not allowed on mall property.
  • Appropriate attire is required, including shoes and shirts (ALL GENDERS are required to wear a shirt).
  • Loud, boisterous, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on the property.
  • Obscene or offensive behavior are prohibited.
  • Realistic Weapon Props are prohibited. Realistic Props includes metal swords. Swords in sheaths or bonded are not allowed.

Panelist / Event Info

We will have a projector, screen, 3.5/AUX input and cables for HDMI and VGA inputs. Information for signup will be up by January 2018.

Artist Spaces and Vendor Booths

Artist Space information will be posted by January 2018. This includes the pricing for them. There will not be a wait list. We will post the sign-up information by then.

Vendor Booth pricing will be listed at a later time. If you'd like to apply for a vendor booth click here.

All artist spaces and vendor booths are handled online. The Nine-Tails store does not handle, reserve or take payment for anything pertaining to these spaces/booths.

Artist Spaces sold out in 10 minutes for our 2017 event. Once they are sold out there is nothing that can be done. Asking for a concession at the Nine-Tails store will be turned away.

Cosplay Show

The following below are the Cosplay Show rules this year:

  • We will not allow store-bought / online-purchased costumes. No street clothes.
  • Cosplay must be at least 50% original material.
  • No "sandbagging" in which a cosplay has won any kind of top award at another larger convention including San Japan.
  • Participants must have good sportsmanship while competing prior to the start and during the Cosplay Show. Disparaging comments to other participants may invalidate their own entry.

We will enforce the rules by doing a costume check upon signing up. Prizes will be gift certificates and small prizes.

Sign-Ups will take place at the convention. We do not offer online sign-ups.

Sign-Up times and the sign-up location will be announced at around 5 days before the convention.

This Cosplay Competition is Walk-On ONLY. There will not be any Performance/Dance.

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