Mini-Mini Con 2020 Departments

Led by the Artist Alley manager, the department is responsible for ensuring all artists are in their assigned spaces and comply with event, venue, and government regulations.

The badge crew is responsible for handling artist alley, vendor, and volunteer check in. They are responsible for keeping track of artist, volunteer, and vendor attendance. The badge crew will also direct them to their assigned areas.

The Cosplay Show Department is responsible for all aspects of the Cosplay Show- signing up contestants, pre-judging costumes, and hosting the cosplay show.

Led by the Dealer Room manager, the department is responsible for ensuring everyone participating inside the room are in compliance with event, venue, and government regulations. The Dealer Room manager will serve as the liaison between the participants in the dealer room and management.

The Gaming Department is responsible for ensuring event video gaming consoles are accounted and in working order. The Gaming Department shall administer the video gaming tournaments.

The KSM Department is responsible for running the karaoke and swap meet areas of the event. For the karaoke section, KSM will ensure all equipment is in working order. KSM will also oversee the swap meet area.

The Logistics Department is responsible for moving event assets from storage to event areas and back. Truck and moving equipment provided.

The MS Department oversees the overall sequence of Main Stage performance. Responsibilities include projecting images/video on to the screen and ensuring Main Stage performance start and end on time.

The MID department sells event-sponsored merchandise and maintains inventory. MID provides event information (schedules, locations, etc.) to all attendees.

The Ops Department is responsible for ensuring event assets go to the areas that need them, coordinates load in/out, and provide technical support.

The Programming Department is responsible for ensuring panels start/end on time, coordinates guest logistics, and schedules the panels occurring in the panel room.

The Radios Department handles radio communications between department heads and event management. They ensure radios are in working order and provide technical support.

The Safety Department ensures everyone in the mall is in compliance with venue and event regulations. Responsibilities include crowd control, directing food trucks to spaces, and access control.

The Signage Department sets up and dismantles event signage. Responsibilities include assembling the signs.

Social media department takes pictures, records video, and makes social media content for Mini-Mini Con’s social media channels.

Support personnel exist to ensure all event staff and volunteers are properly fed, hydrated, and have time to enjoy Mini-Mini Con. Responsibilities include purchasing supplies and verifying authorized artists.

TG Department handles the tabletop gaming area, maintains an inventory of board/card games used, and runs tournaments throughout the event.