Sweetness Maid Cafe

Okaerinasaimase Goshujinsama & Ojusama!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves! We are the Moe Maids and Kawaii Butlers of Sweetness Maid Café, and we are so excited to entertain you at Mini Mini Con!! We have so much fun planned for you at our special open concept Maid Café we can hardly contain it!

For one $10 entry fee our honorable guests can be refreshed by a glass of Iced Tea or Lemonade, two tea cookies, and a Precious Pudding Parfait! While you nibble on a snack feel free to check out a game to play from our Game Library at no extra cost! While you’re enjoying games and conversation be delighted by our talented dance and song performances we are lovingly working on just for your eyes!

We wish we could tell you more but you are just going to have to come to Mini Mini Con and see for yourself! But be sure to come see us first, because we only have a limit of 400 entry passes available!! Guests who manage to snag an entry ticket may come and go as they please so long as they buy a snack a la carte!

Want to see Sweetness Maid Café sooner? Book us for your next event!

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e-mail us at SweetnessMaidCafe@gmail.com

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