Vendor Info

Mini-Mini Con is a place to sell your products to thousands of attendees to a crowd who are into Japanese animation and relative fandom. We had an estimated attendance of over 6000 attendees in our past event.

The vendor area of the Mini-Mini Con 2021 section is intended for vendors who sell retail products, sell food products (except for Ramune or Pocky), original art or offer a fandom service. Electricity is not guaranteed.

Vendor Booths will be $225 to $275 per booth based on placement. Vendors will receive ~100 sq feet per booth purchased. Most will be 10’x10′ spaces but some will be placed in 8’x12.5′ spaces based on configuration.

Mini-Mini Con has a ZERO tolerance policy on Bootleg/Fake products. There will not be a warning system in place. If you’re caught with bootlegs you will be immediately removed, ejected from the event, required to vacate your booth(s) with no refunds will be issued.

A Valid ACTIVE Sales Tax ID is required. All vendors will need to add Wonderland of America as a location before being approved for a vendor space.

On potential food vendors/sales: Ramune and Pocky will be exclusively sold at this convention event by our main sponsor NineTails. Any non-prepackaged food/drink will require a food handler license from the Balcones Heights Health Department which costs $75 for a day. You will be required to have the food handler license at 15 days out from the event and must submit them to us. The health inspector will be attending Mini-Mini Con to ensure compliance.

We require all potential vendors to fill out an application to screen them and ensure that they’re going to be a good fit for Mini-Mini Con. You must include a photo of your inventory or storefront to ensure that your application fits the acceptable criteria listed on the form.

If you’re looking for Artist Space Information (Artist Alley) please check this page. We will exhaust all potential retail/food vendor applications before offering a space to any type of artist at all. We strive to have as many retail vendors as possible.

All fan artist and cosplay applications to the vendor wait list are rejected and discarded. PERIOD.

Vendor Room Application

Applications will open on December 2nd, 2020.