Vendor Application

Application Form for a vendor booth at Mini-Mini Con

Mini-Mini Con Vendor List Application

This form is to ensure that your respective group should be offered a booth at Mini-Mini Con.
  • The vendor area of the Mini-Mini Con 2018 section is being set aside for vendors who sell RETAIL products, sell food products (except for Ramune or Pocky) or offer a fandom service. There will be access to free electricity (must supply own extension cords, tape and power strips).

    Here are the prices of vendor booths at Mini-Mini Con 2018:
    • 1 Booth – $180*
    • 2 Booths – $320*
    • 3 Booths – $420
    • 4 Booths – $480
    • *Eventbrite and Credit Card Fees not included.
    We will be putting in a ZERO tolerance policy on Bootleg/Fake products. No warning system will be in place: if you’re caught with bootlegs you will be immediately removed, ejected from the event and be required to vacate your booth(s) with no refunds issued.

    On potential food vendors/sales: Ramune and Pocky will be exclusively sold at this convention event by our main sponsor Nine-Tails. Any non-prepackaged food/drink will require a food handler license from the Balcones Heights Health Department which costs $75 for a day.
  • Please list the company you are representing.
  • Where are you located.
  • Link to where you sell your products or have information about your company.
    If you have none write in the field http://NONE.
  • If you’d like to show us your booth setup at other shows you may do so.
  • What is the maximum number of booths you would consider purchasing based on availability?
    Please enter a value less than or equal to 4.
  • Write in what the kind items that you sell. Remember that we cater to a demographic that is interested in Anime, Gaming, Japanese/Asian, and Japanese Clothing Styles. We are not looking for vendors which the majority of the items that they sell are General Pop Culture items.
  • We are only accepting vendors who sell Japanese, anime, video game RETAIL products, food sales (excluding ramune and pocky products) or offer a service that has a connection to Anime Fan Conventions. We are looking for vendors who would be a good fit for an anime con setting. If we feel the products that you sell are intended for a comic con crowd, we will not be offering your group a booth.

    We are not accepting any kind of artists, people who sell handcrafted products, or advertising for a company/group to sell their products in the vendor section.

    We will be selling artist spaces at a later time to allow all artists and crafters to sell their products at a separate section of the convention. Artist spaces will be going on sale in Mid-February 2018.

    If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours then it means you did not qualify for a vendor booth.
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