Artist Space Information

Artist Space Information

Information for Artist Spaces
At Mini-Mini Con


The Artist Space release date will be released When We Are Ready. We are not taking any applications at all through any e-mail or social channels.

If you would like to be up to date on these announcements we ask you to please follow us on our social channels (IG, Twitter) @ miniminicon.

We must stress that in 2024 that we must be very strict about Texas Sales Tax ID. The City of Balcones Heights is requiring that we collect this from every Artist. If you do not have an ACTIVE Texas Sales Tax ID then do not apply at all. We will be VERIFYING every application that comes through. We will issue immediate refunds to ALL non-active Texas Sales Tax IDs or ones who put in a Federal EIN.

Let us stress as we are constantly asked: When We Are Ready We Will Announce Further Info. This will be resent to everyone who asks on Social Media.

We will be switching to a Lottery system in 2024 due to overwhelming demand.