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Artist Space Information

Information for Artist Spaces
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The Artist Space release date is March 12th at 8:00PM. We are not taking any applications at all through any e-mail or social channels.

If you would like to be up to date on these announcements we ask you to please follow us on our social channels (IG, Twitter) @ miniminicon.

We must stress that in 2023 that we must be very strict about Texas Sales Tax ID. The City of Balcones Heights is requiring that we collect this from every Artist. If you do not have an ACTIVE Texas Sales Tax ID then do not apply at all. We will be VERIFYING every application that comes through. We will issue immediate refunds to ALL non-active Texas Sales Tax IDs or ones who put in a Federal EIN.


A Pikel Shop
Abundant Universe
Art of Catamus
Berryful@Berryfulskin on instagram
Blackberry a la mode
Blaze Manga Productions
Carafully Created
chasing blue
Cosmic Holiday Studios
Crude Mood
Digital Sake
Doki Doki Ramune
Drag Candy
Eggvvitch Art
Ephemeral Maiden
Eve pinnies
Hibiscus Plumeria Creations
Inu Creations
Isamaar Creations
Jade Tang / Jaded Budgie Designs
Kadiaa Kawaii and the Bebop
Kaguras art
Kawaii Meadows@kawaiimeadowscrafts
Kunamei’s Art shop
KyFly Kreations
Lacel Ria
Le Salty Onion
Llamguin Studio
Luna Kitty Designs
Lunar Ray
Lustria's Room
Marcotte Studios
marcus rocco
Minty Mix
My North Stars
Nutmeg & Mint
Otaku Scents
Poor Dragon
Precious bbyz/ Marina Arriola
Radish Rugs
Retro Cherub
Rinne Kanzaki
SaBasse Studios
Shobu's Illustrationshttps://linkt.ree/shobu14
Son of a Bot
Spicy panda stickers
Sunny SideUp Stuffies
ToriKat Studios
Turtlelaza Designs
Victoria Rivero Art
Wild Berries Press
Wizard Hat Arts
wonderland geekery

Mini-Mini Con 2023 Artist Spaces FAQ

Am I allowed to split an artist space?Yes. However, please remember that you're confined to sell within the assigned space.
Can I buy an Artist Space at Nine Tails?Artist Spaces are only available online through this website. You can not buy them in stores.
Can I purchase additional spaces under my name or a family member in my household? Can I request to be assigned next to someone?You will be only allowed to purchase one Artist Space total. If you purchase a second space under your name or household, even if it is for a second group/friend/family member, then you will be refunded for all purchased spaces and banned from future Mini-Mini Con events.

We will not be taking requests to be assigned next to another artist space or to a specific location. All assigned artist spaces are final. You will not be allowed to merge Artist Spaces.
Can I put an extra table outside of my Artist Space?All tables, inventory, and chairs must be within your assigned space. Encroaching your neighbor's space is forbidden. Violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Violators will be asked to leave without a refund and banned from future Mini-Mini Con Events.
Do I check in for my Artist Space?You do not have to check-in with Mini-Mini Con staff for your Artist Space. Your space will be taped off and a sign will be placed within your space with the artist name used during registration. We will stop by when the convention starts to confirm your space, drop off badges and spot-check your Sales Tax ID (please have it readily available).
Do you have a Wait List after all Artist Spaces are sold?No. Once they're sold out that's it. If you ask, you will be redirected to this very answer. We never have, never will, and never in the future have a wait list.
Do you offer any carts to bring in our stuff? Do you provide any volunteer assistance for load-in/load-out?No. Artists are responsible to haul in their setup using their own carts.
Do you provide security?Security is available at the event location. Wonderland of the Americas security will be on-hand if you run into an issue that requires their assistance. A police station with quick response time is across the street as well if needed.
Does it include a table and chairs?Tables and chairs are not included. Artists must bring in their own. We do not have any available to rent.
How many badges are issued with an Artist Space.We do not issue X number of artist badges per space. When we stop by the space we will ask how many are needed. This is to allow attendees and staff to know that the artist is a valid seller at Mini-Mini Con.
How much are Artist Spaces? What is included?Artist Spaces will be a 3 Tier Pricing system:

  • Low Traffic Areas (Upstairs / Downstairs): $60.00 (62 Spaces)*

  • Regular Traffic Area: $80.00 (26 Spaces)*

  • Large Space High Traffic Area: $175.00 (12 Spaces)*

*Not including additional taxes and fees.

You will be assigned a space at the event location and authorized to sell at Mini-Mini Con 2023.

Everything else is up to you and your team. Tables, chairs, displays, moving equipment, etc will NOT be provided or available at the event location. Please plan accordingly.
How much space am I given?You will be given exactly 6' length and 4' width (24 square feet) for a single assigned space. It will be taped off. You must sell within the assigned space. A large space will be 12' x 4' (48 square feet).
I bought an Artist Space for Mini-Mini Con but now I can't make it. What can I do?There are no refunds offered. You may transfer the artist space and sell it in private. The original purchaser will have their name assigned to the artist's space. Please note that if someone else takes your space and they do not have a valid Texas Sales Tax ID they will be removed from the event location. We will be spot-checking.
I had a space transferred to me. Do I need to send over the info?As listed above, we do not handle transfers. We do not take in the new information of the transferred space.

What we will be doing is spot-checking that the Sales Tax ID is onsite and valid. If the transferred artist can not show this information then they will be asked to leave the venue.
Is there a height restriction on tables?At this time the Wonderland of the hasn't specified any. You are restricted to the height of the ceiling which is 10' if you are assigned to a downstairs location.
What can I sell at Mini-Mini Con?All items sold in the Artist Space must be crafts or artwork. Retail items are forbidden to be sold in the Artist Space. Violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Violators will be asked to leave without a refund and banned.
What classifies as retail items?Retail items are officially licensed items purchased from a distributor or store than trying to sell them at your artist space. This includes trying to sell used licensed products. These are not allowed at Mini-Mini Con Artist Spaces.

If you have your own artwork or crafts that you created that is professionally printed on mugs, shirts, or keychains does not count as a retail item as you're reselling your creation. This is allowed at Mini-Mini Con.

However, taking licensed artwork/logos that are copied off the internet without making any alterations then slapping it on products is considered infringing which we will not tolerate. If we spot or are notified of using unauthorized artwork/logos we will shut you down and evict your group with a permanent ban put in place.
What else is required to purchase an Artist Space?You must have a valid Texas Sales Tax ID Number for the signup. It must be active as of March 1st, 2023, as well. We will be verifying all Texas Sales Tax IDs with the Texas Comptroller. If it is not valid, then you will be refunded and unable to purchase a table for our 2023 event. If you have questions about the Sales Tax please contact the Texas Comptroller Office.

The venue location address is: Wonderland of the Americas, 4522 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

We will not accept a Federal Tax EIN in the application. We will reject the application, issue a refund and you will be blocked from purchasing a Mini-Mini Con 2023 space.
What if there is an unauthorized table? What else is not allowed?If we discover any unauthorized artist setup Mini-Mini Con they will be removed from the venue, issued a trespassing warning, and we will have a lifetime ban from San Japan and Mini-Mini Con. There is also banning of all retail items in Artists Spaces as it must be drawings or crafts only. We are banning all openly displaying 18+ materials.
What is the attendance size of Mini-Mini Con?Our 2022 attendance was an estimated 6000+ who attended. It is a free event so a lot of attendees are up to spending there without being dinged on purchasing a convention badge. This is our eighth year running Mini-Mini Con. We are expecting similar size crowds in 2022.
When can we set up for Mini-Mini Con? When do we tear down?You may begin setting up at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 29th, 2023. You may tear down your table whenever you'd like. The event ends at 6:30 PM. We will not have staff available to assist with setup or tear down. Please plan accordingly.
When do Artist Spaces go on sale for Mini-Mini Con 2023?They will be available starting on March 12th at 8:00 PM Central. They are only available to purchase online. They will not be available for purchase at Nine Tails location. There will also be heavy reminders on adding Wonderland of the Americas as a sales tax location.
Where are Artist Spaces located? Where is my assignment? Can I see a layout?Artist Spaces will be assigned at the Wonderland of the Americas within the public hallway space. Finalized layouts and assignments will be posted on April 27th, 2023. There will not be any spaces placed in the vendor room or in separate rooms. They will be placed in public areas only.
Where are Regular Traffic spaces located then?Regular Traffic spaces in 2023 will be located by Main Stage.
Where are the High Traffic tables located?The tables will be located between the food court and the stage.
Does Mini-Mini Con offer a section or allow people to purchase Cosplay Tables


We do not offer any kind of Cosplay Table and do not plan at all to sell them to Cosplay Groups. We are requiring that Artist Spaces be for Artists Only. We will not sell Cosplay Tables in our vendor room.
I have an Artist Space but I still haven't receive my assignment when you said you would send it.We will send out a mass e-mail to Artist Space artists on the evening of April 27th. If you still haven't received it in your inbox and there's nothing in your spam box then use our contact form which we'll resend out that e-mail. Please hold off on asking for this information until about 36 hours before our event.