Mini-Mini Contact Form

  • We are focusing all of our resources on our big convention. We will have a lot more information on the website by no later than January 2018. Inquiring before that date asking for information like the exact 2018 convention date, panel/event submission, artist spaces and general information will be reminded that we will be posting this information on the website by January 2018. We will have the photos up for the 2017 event when we get them back from the photographers.

    If you want to inquire to be a guest for 2018 convention you can go ahead but we are extremely selective and have a very tiny guest budget as we are a free convention.

    We are taking inquiries for our 2018 vendor wait list. It is heavily suggested to read the info in the form as we are primarily an anime event with attendees anticipating anime products, not Funko or General Pop Culture items. Artists and Crafters will not be offered a space in our vendor area as they will only be allowed to sell in the artist space areas.
  • Please give a one line description on what this is about.
  • This is is only necessary if you feel it'll help in your inquiry.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, zip, psd, ai, rar.

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